Web Design

web site designSo you’re looking to get a web site for your company – or worse – the site you already have is stuck in the nineties. Yuck! Well, you’re in luck. I happen to be the proud owner of the biggest box of crayons manufactured in the free world.  I will draw you the prettiest pictures ever! Or, if you’re still stuck on the idea of having a web site (instead of a one-of-a-kind original crayon masterpiece) I’ll bring the team together to design and construct a web site that’ll make you giddy with excitement.

The process is simple:  you tell Maladapted Media what you want your web site to do for you, then we build it. OK, so it’s not THAT simple. Most businesses or persons in search of a newly designed web site have an existing site, or sites, in mind that can serve as our inspiration. Have you ever been surfing the mighty seas of the Internet and stumbled upon a site and shouted, “Golly gee, that’s amazing!”? Well, give our web designers that web site’s address and we’ll attempt to decipher what it is you love some much about it, and then integrate that feature into your new web site.

When you work with us, we make you become a vital part of our design team. We’ll create an account for you here, so you can log in and check on our progress by viewing screenshots of your project, color choices, images, etcetera, and comment on what pleases or displeases you. Web design should not be a blind process. Much like building a house, the owner should always feel free to see what the crew is up to. After all, it’s YOUR web site.