Web Hosting


web hosting serversFinding a quality web host can be a daunting, even scary, task. Trust me, I’ve been there. I have worked with a great many web hosting companies over the years, some good, some horrible, so I’m able to share my knowledge and experience with you.

The biggest mistake one can make when choosing a web host is looking for the cheapest available. All web hosts are not created equally. Frankly, most are crap. A lot of alleged hosts are merely resellers for larger hosting companies, and no one along the chain cares about you or your web site. If the web server your site is hosted on goes down, oh well, they’ll get it fixed when they can. Oh, and if the hard drive crashed, guess what, your site is gone. Why? Well, the budget host you chose never creates back-ups of their data. Let’s hope you are smart enough to have a recent copy of your site, any scripts running on it, as well as the databases loaded with your products and customers’ information.

Though I’m a paid consultant, I’m willing to toss you a freebie. I’ve allowed far too many web hosts to break my heart and nearly destroy my business over the years, and I can’t, in good faith, allow the same thing to happen to my clients. Everything I own is hosted at Colo-cation.com, and has been for several years. They have earned my trust over and over again. I found them after another web host had closed my and my clients’ sites down because one of them had been hacked, and a trojan loaded to it. They, in all of their wisdom, couldn’t figure how to get rid of the trojan being served up by the site hosted on their server. Well, a tech at Colo-cation.com found and resolved the issue, amongst others, while he was transferring the sites from their server to one of his. They had all of my web properties up and functioning in less than an hour after I contacted them, begging for help.